Soul Stones Session: Tandem Crystal-Reiki Healing with Intuitive Consult

What is a Soul Stones Session, you ask? Great question!!

We have combined traditional Usui Reiki, extensive crystal healing training, and our own intuitive gifts to create and bring forth a profoundly unique healing modality. Our mother/daughter bond heightens and amplifies our own energy and intuition, which in turn, allows us to connect to your energy on an unparalleled level. 

Our unique crystal-reiki sessions provide deep healing, balance, grounding & relaxation. In a typical treatment, we identify areas that might require a little extra TLC, balance chakras, cleanse auras, cut cords, remove blocks, shift energy throughout and around the body, and so much more. These sessions are about you and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, so we carefully tailor each treatment to meet your needs, support your energetic shifts, raise your vibration and, in some cases, help you achieve a spiritual awakening. We conclude each session with a comprehensive discussion about your treatment. It is important to note that during your session, you will have 2 highly trained healers working on you, so it is not unusual to feel somewhat loopy, exhausted or emotional after a session. We recommend setting some time aside after your appointment to drink some water and process your thoughts and feelings. Spending time outside in nature is always a great way to this.

Soul Stones Sessions

1) Soul Journey- 90 minute session $130 (plus gst)

This session is designed for clients wishing to journey deeper into the healing process and will look different for each person, as we are all on our own unique healing journey.

~includes 50-60 minutes of deep, crystal-reiki healing followed by a 30-40 minute intuitive consult & a small pouch of healing stones chosen by us, just for you.

2) Soul Alignment- 60 minute session $100 (plus gst)

This session is focused on providing you with relaxation, grounding and balance.

~includes 40 minutes of deep crystal-reiki healing followed by a 20 minute intuitive consult.

 3) Soul Support- 45 minute session $85 (plus gst)

This session is perfect for maintenance or a quick energetic reset.

-includes 30 minutes of deep crystal-reiki healing followed by a 15 minute intuitive consult.

VIP Soul Stoners- After your 3rd Soul Stone Session, You qualify for VIP Soul Stoner Status!! This means that you will receive priority booking & a significant discount on future healing sessions, as well as a few other VIP perks.  Contact us, for more information on our VIP Soul Stoner Program.

Children (12 & under)

30-45 minute session $40 (plus gst)


30-45 minute session $40 (plus gst)

**Effective Jan. 1st 2020**

We require a $50 non-refundable deposit for all Soul Stones Sessions ($3o for children & animals). This deposit will be taken off the total of your session.

Soul Stones Special Events-Spiritually Based Events/Workshops

Looking for something unique to do for a family event, birthday, bridal shower, ladies night or staff team building?

We offer private, spiritually based group events that are carefully designed to meet your groups needs. 

Options we may suggest when helping you create your event:  learning about crystals and their healing energy, exploring the chakras,  a mini Crystal-Reiki healing session, understanding the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, learning how to tap into and trust your intuition, connecting and communicating with your angels and guides, setting intentions, releasing what no longer serves you and manifesting your dreams!!

Again, these are just suggestions; we will work with you to create the perfect event for your group. 

Each participant can expect to receive something along the lines of a pouch of crystals, a Soul Stones Ray or something else that pertains to your event.  

**Prices vary based on the event-expect $45-60 per person

**Times vary based on the event-expect 2-3 hours

**Events can be held at our shoppe or at your home (in Kamloops)

**Group minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 10 (although we are flexible).

Love & Contemplation - Spiritual Coaching

What is a spiritual coach and why would I need one? 

Another great question!!

A spiritual coach works on a holistic level and is there to support you in connecting to your authentic self and source energy. They work with you to explore and develop your own spiritual belief system, discover and/or understand your intuitive gifts, take steps towards your goals, manifest and achieve your dreams, break down limiting beliefs, and remove self-imposed or societal roadblocks. Whether you are searching for a deeper meaning in life, want to understand or delve deeply into your spirituality, consciously create, own your power, or just simply grow in all areas of your life, an effective spiritual coach will guide you to reach for what serves YOUR higher purpose and help you formulate a plan to achieve your goals. A spiritual coach should never impose their own ideals or belief system, nor should they ever be in a position of authority.

Mandy is a certified spiritual coach who has developed her own style of spiritual coaching based on the concepts of love and contemplation, which were learned through many life lessons, deep spiritual study and ultimately through a very wise and profoundly spiritual man, who once told her that the most important things in life are love and contemplation. Truer words were never spoken, and her philosophy was born. 

Love embodies everything that Mandy holds dear, her family, friends, animals, nature, the sun, moon and stars, Spirit, her ancestors, angels and guides. She believes that Source Energy is love and lives her life in accordance with that belief.

Contemplation is the action of looking at something thoughtfully for a long period of time and/or being in a state of deep reflective thought. Meditation is a perfect example of how one might be in a state of contemplation. Mandy believes that contemplation is an integral part of her own spiritual journey and she can help you explore your own connection to contemplation. 

Mandy’s commitment as a spiritual coach is to guide and empower her clients. Whether their goal is to connect to the divine, work with the Universe, understand the Laws of Attraction, take control of their happiness, step into their power, or shift their subconscious, she strives to help them create a meaningful spiritual toolbox equipped with everything they may need on their spiritual journey. 


Initial Consult 

Your initial consult will entail discussing your spiritual goals and then collaborating to create a plan to help you achieve them.

45 minute consult $45

60 minute consult $60

90 minute consult $90

At this time, you will also discuss what your ongoing spiritual coaching program will look like. You have the choice of investing in a weekly, biweekly or monthly coaching program. This is completely up to you as Mandy aims to meet you where you are at in your journey and she realizes that people’s needs, and goals are ever changing. There is absolutely no obligation.

As your spiritual coach, Mandy will be available in person (by appt) or via phone, email or text to support you throughout your journey. She will provide suggested reading material, meditations, spiritual exercises as well as many other resources.

There are 2 packages to choose from:

Package 1 

$50/ week gives you phone, text or email access to your coach, as well as one 45 minute face to face coaching session. You will also receive a 15% off coupon to use on any Soul Stones product or treatment.

Package 2 

$75/week gives you phone, text or email access to your coach, as well as one 60 minute face to face coaching session. You will also receive a 20% off coupon to use on any Soul Stones product or treatment.


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